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workMules Next Step
Expected Summer 2024



Principal contractors now have the ability to view the overall compliance score of workMule enabled sub-contractors.


Sub-contractors maintain the ability to select which work sites are shared with individual principle contractors.


Shared analytics are in real time and update seamlessly between companies.


Site Safety

Quickly and easily identify problem areas and swiftly resolve issues.


Pin-points compliance failures and resolve issues before they become a risk to your work force.

Instantly See Losses

Instantly see where your money is being lost due to downtime etc.

In 2023, we launched



We are on a mission to bring these numbers down to as low as technically possible by raising awareness of the importance of carrying out safety inspections whilst enabling operators to do these in an efficient, time saving manner which could simultaneously save your company money and increase compliance.

workMule provides you with an effective system to help achieve this.

Helping you save...


...to build a sustainable future

In 2019, 61,000 people were injured in the construction industry including 40 fatal incidents
In 2020, A family member of one of our directors was almost killed when the emergency braking system failed on a MEWP
The average yearly statistics still show an alarming trend relating to accidents caused by plant, vehicles & equiptment.
After investigation, it was found that pre-use inspections were not being completed and companies were not 100% compliant with the law
Being non-compliant resulting in work-place accidents could lead to deaths & injuries, unlimited fines, damaged reputation, loss of business and increased insurance premiums
In 2021, The idea of workMule was born. We then built and rigouroulsy tested workMule across the construction industry

Increase Compliance, Save Time, Save Money

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At Harkmac Construction, we are dedicated to maintaining a strong culture of health and safety throughout our company. To support this commitment, we use the workMule plant inspection app to streamline and improve our inspection processes.

The workMule app allows us to easily conduct and record inspections, ensuring that necessary precautions are being taken to mitigate identified risks. It also enables us to create customizable inspection checklists, covering all relevant aspects of safety, and review past inspection records to identify trends and areas for improvement.

In addition to its practical benefits, the workMule app also helps us protect our organization from the financial consequences of accidents and injuries. By prioritizing health and safety and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we can reduce the risk of lost productivity, increased insurance premiums, and potential legal consequences.

At Harkmac Construction, the well-being and safety of our employees and anyone working with or for us is our top priority. The workMule app is just one of the tools we use to ensure the highest level of health and safety in everything we do.